One of the basic needs for students coming from abroad is accommodation. There are different types of accommodation for a student.

The most common way is to look for a room to rent in a shared flat, for this option we find many pages on the internet that allow us to search and choose e.g. It is common among our students to find a flat in our area, and during the first few months they end up finding another similar or with better characteristics and in better economic conditions, thanks to the interaction of other students through the school's notice board.

What's more, at our school, for those who live outside the city, we will help you to connect with other students, prior to the start of the course, to communicate and look for a flat to share. The school will recommend some areas close to the school, especially where it is cheaper and within 10 minutes walking distance to the school.

Other options are to look for a student residence. These usually offer additional services in addition to the rent itself, such as board and lodging, laundry service, domestic service, etc.

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