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Life in the school

Our community of students come from all parts of the world. All with a common goal, to learn and make the most of every minute to achieve their dream, sacrificing a little of their time and enjoying as much as possible.

The Microfusa school has a wide variety of courses and qualifications, each with different schedules and durations. In a short period of time, students get to know classmates with diverse backgrounds but with similar concerns, and with whom they can share and collaborate in both present and, who knows, future projects.

At Microfusa you will find a well-prepared teaching staff, with a high degree of experience in the subject and a great desire to teach. Students can get a very high performance from the theoretical and practical classes, where they will find good explanations and demonstrations.

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Microfusa offers considerable extra time to students so that they can practice in their classrooms and recording studios as much as possible. Our aim is to nurture the desire to learn.

In addition, throughout the academic year, the center organizes: conferences (masterclasses), product demonstration sessions, visits, etc....

At Microfusa we support the initiatives and projects of our students, we listen to proposals and projects... We understand that starting is never easy, if an opportunity for; an internship, a collaboration, a job... we make all the effects necessary to make it happen. We cannot guarantee the success of everyone, but we can guarantee that currently there are numerous professionals in this sector who have gone through our training system.

The methodology used in our face-to-face courses is carried out with the support of our virtual learning environment. The face-to-face activities take place in classrooms and recordings studios of our centers, and the monitoring and assessment of these activities are carried out on the virtual campus. These activities include collaborative practices, master classes, discussion forums, and group projects, among others.

The theoretical contents of the course are accessible online and can be consulted at any time and on any device (desktop computer, tablet, and mobile). The masterclasses provide the expert and professional point of view of the lecturers or guest specialists in the subject. The discussion forums stimulate the critical thinking and the exchange of ideas. Internships and projects are aimed at learning by doing together with collaborative work with other students. All this is supervised and guided by highly specialized and experienced teachers and tutors.



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