What are the deadlines dates to register?

At Microfusa we do not establish specific deadline dates for enrolment. Our courses are made up of small groups and the places available are allocated in order of enrolment. As a reference, most courses that start at the end of September/beginning of October usually have an 80% occupancy rate by the end of the month of June prior to the start of classes.

Can I cancel my registration?

Once you reserve your place in the course, you have 15 natural days to cancel the registration and request a refund.

Can I request a visit of the colleage?

Yes, you simply need to request a visit of the centre you are interested in. Do note, you can also request a virtual appointment to resolve your doubts of both online and classroom courses if you cannot or have not yet decided to travel.

Where can I find the prices of the courses?

In the course descriptions you have detalled all the prices and tuition payment methods. You will not be requiered to make any other payment for the course that is not reflected there.

Do the courses include audio (DAW) software?

No, our courses are adjusted to the quality of the training. However, most audio manufacturers usually offer licenses for students with discounts of between 40% and 50%. Once you are a student at Microfusa, you can request a certificate to purchase this type of licences.

Do I need any equipment to take the courses?

In the case of classroom courses, no, except for your own headphones and a USB memory stick to save your projects. On each course website, you have included a section with the material requirements of the course.

If I want to buy equipment, do students have discounts at the Microfusa store?

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