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Our courses are developed entirely online, all the activities, both individual and collective, are carried out in a virtual learning environment, which is moderated by a number of specialized teachers with extensive professional experience in the subjects taught. These teachers provide constant and dynamic support, ensuring a complete, stimulating, and satisfying learning experience.

  • Learning-by-doing
  • Group work
  • Virtual Campus
  • Blended-Online
  • Personalized attention
  • Projects supported by tutorials
  • Collaborative work

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The virtual campus is accessible from any personal device, including computers, tablets, or smartphones, which offers excellent flexibility in the learning experience.

In our virtual environment, different learning activities are given. On the one hand, there is the online content consultation that provides the necessary conceptual framework to carry out the practices. The self-evaluating questionnaires allow observing the progress in the acquisition of said knowledge to advance towards more complex concepts and ideas. Likewise, other forms of complementary and individual evaluation are included, such as the exercises frequently related to technical aspects (use of the DAW, processing, mixing, etc.) or with research trials.

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To complement self-learning, this course offers some master classes (in streaming, depending on academic programming) aimed at delving into practical aspects and providing a personalized look at the subject by our teachers, bringing their background and professional experience.

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Our methodology is also firmly based on project work, discussion forums, and group work (in the case that there are enough students), which are aimed at learning by doing, collaborative work and developing the critical capacity in the analysis of information as indispensable attributes of the students for their future insertion in the labor world.

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The communication with the educational center and with the teachers is carried out in two different ways, on the one hand (asynchronously), using the internal messaging system or the forums, and, on the other, the synchronous chats (in the master classes). Concerning the evaluation of all the activities, they are compiled in a book of notes that each student can consult to evaluate their progress.

Given that all activities are evaluated, it is essential for the student to maintain a firm and continuous dedication throughout the course, a commitment that will be reinforced and supported by the follow-up of tutors and the school itself.

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